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Das Wiki für deine Weiterentwicklung

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Founded by: Stefan Seidner-Britting
Status: Active
Language: German
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Main topic: Personal development
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Wiki size: 630 article pages see stats
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(Page count as of: 2021-05-22
wikiFactor as of: 2014-01-02)

The Secret Wiki is Germany's largest wiki for personal development, spirituality, health, and sustainability. It helps you to evolve so that the world is more sustainably liveable for all of us.

As the name suggests, the Secret Wiki is a wiki - a system in which many authors write together on the website content. More than 220 authors are activated to take notes. About 6 authors regularly share their knowledge with you.

The vision of the founder Stefan Seidner-Britting for the Secret Wiki is:

The Secret Wiki is the largest German-language online portal for personality development.
With us you will quickly find a short, understandable and objective answer to every personality development topic and avoid long, frustrating wandering around in the information jungle.

In the Secret Wiki, emphasis is placed on easily understandable and well-written content. The information should be realisable for everyone. Our content is also intended to provide clues to people who are not yet familiar with the subject matter.

We don't want to force anyone to (blindly) accept the content presented in the Secret Wiki. Instead, we recommend that you make your own experience with the knowledge.

The Secret Wiki was named after the work The Secret. In an easily understandable way, "The Secret" shows how powerful thoughts are, but with the law of attraction only illuminates a part of the laws of life. The Secret Wiki wants to help put "The Secret" into a larger context.

The Secret Wiki was launched in October 2009 by the graduate engineer Stefan Seidner-Britting. He is self-employed as an online entrepreneur, webmaster and author.

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