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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: SeedWiki
Main topic: WikiFarm


from SeedWiki:

"the phrase 'embrace change' comes from Extreme Programming
principles, practices and methods
Working on seedwiki has revealed certain principles that we have come to accept.
  • the computer screen should be as much as possible the contributor's space rather than the hosting company's space
  • our job as hosts is to remove any unnecessary features more than it is to add new features
  • there is no "typical" use for a wiki, or any set of "typcial" users. wikis are so flexible that they and their contributors cannot be grouped together into any one set of ideas about what is, or might be, going on
  • its best to start with as little structure as possible and only add more structure when it proves to be needed
  • even when you try, you often put too much structure in at the start of a project and can profit by removing some of it later
KennethTyler 4/25/2006"