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Semantic MediaWiki Community Wiki
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Semantic MediaWiki Community Wiki, hosted by Referata, is the wiki for the community of users, administrators and developers of the Semantic MediaWiki extension to the MediaWiki wiki engine application; and all its spinoff extensions, including Semantic Forms, Semantic Drilldown, Semantic Result Formats, Halo, Semantic Maps and others. The wiki itself uses many of these extensions, in order to provide a flexible yet structured interface to the data. You will find information on people and organizations in the Semantic MediaWiki community, a listing of SMW-based sites, a list of extensions themselves, and other SMW-based data. To view existing information in any of these categories, click on "Browse data". To add a new site, person, organization, etc., just click on the appropriate link under "add data" on its left sidebar, and follow the instructions.

Semantic MediaWiki Community Wiki supports the OpenID universal log-in scheme.

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