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Main topic: Communication

The people of the Serval Project believe that access to communications and information is a human right.

The people of the Serval Project believe that people should be able to continue to communicate when they need it most. In the face of earthquake, wild fire or cyclone, even in developing countries, communications systems should keep working as well as they can, with whatever infrastructure remains available.

Currently the people of the Serval project are working on:

  • Serval Mesh, an ad-hoc Wireless Mesh network, enabling a network of smart phones to communicate directly and indirectly with each other, without cell towers.
  • Serval Maps, a mesh-based mapping application.
  • Serval Morse, a distributed, infrastructure-independent micro-blogging service

The Serval Project Wiki is a place for documentation, FAQs, etc, that support the Serval Project.

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