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Founded by: Max
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
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Main topic: Websites
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(Page count as of: 2008-04-30
wikiFactor as of: 2008-05-09
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What is this?[edit]

SiteHoppin' – verb 1: to go from one site to the next with a beer in your hand and get progressively more 'happy' and enjoy interesting websites with a click of a button. is a domain search engine.

Digg us if you like the idea: New Web2.5 and StumbleUpon Mashup - SiteHoppin'.

Welcome to SiteHoppin'.com![edit]

SiteHoppin' provides users with fun web browsing similar to 'bar-hoppin'. After long day of work, grab a beer for yourself and go Site Hoppin' at

Have an iPhone? SiteHoppin works on iPhones so you can start hoppin' instead of typing. While providing a useful service for all internet users, SiteHoppin is the new search engine for iPhone that let's you surf faster!

UPDATE: SiteHoppin' works on Nokia E90 too.

Testimonial: seoegnus - "Kick a$$ tool! " [dead link]

What is SiteHoppin'.com?[edit]

SiteHoppin'.com is a Web 2.5 social networking / bookmarking wiki site that lets you find, bookmark, and share interesting sites by hopping instead of typing. We've combined technologies such as wikis, tagging, social networking, and site hoppin'. The site is under LIVE development and you will get to see every step of new features being added everyday. You can find more information on how we built SiteHoppin' on our SiteHoppin:FAQ.

What can you do as a user on SiteHoppin'?[edit]

  • Rate sites using the Beer Rating System. Basically, you can give from 1 to 5 beers to a site depending on how interesting you think the site is, (and how drunk you are...);
  • You can submit interesting sites you find on the web and share with all the other SiteHoppers;
  • Get free traffic to your site through other Site Hoppers who are SiteHoppin'.

To get started, simply sign up for a free account here and enjoy user benefits.