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This website was first developed by students at Columbia University and Barnard College enrolled in “Black Movements in the U.S.” taught by Professor Robin D. G. Kelley. The purpose of the site is to introduce students and the general public to a few of the most dynamic social justice organizations in New York City. Students worked in groups of three and each group was responsible for creating a web page devoted to one organization. Students were required to interview organizers and conduct library research on the history and current activities on the organizations for which they were responsible. Each page includes a link to the respective organization's website, thus our site serves as a kind of portal into some of the key social justice movements in the city.

The site is really just the beginning of a much larger project and does not claim to be comprehensive. Indeed, as Professor Kelley continues to teach this and other courses in the future, new groups of students will add more organizations to the website. All of the movements included here represent one or more of the following categories: labor, civil rights, black liberation, reparations, socialism/ communism, feminism, welfare rights, youth/Hip Hop activism, education, peace, environmental justice, and anti-globalization. In each case, students explore the broader political vision(s) of each of these movements (what are they trying to accomplish); the context for their emergence; their strategies and tactics; the impact they have had on the communities they serve as well as on struggles for social justice as a whole; and the kind of support they need to sustain the work they are doing.

The Favicon is reminiscent of the Communist salute. As the creators of the wiki include University academics this is unlikely to be an accident.