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SolSeed is a wiki for the SolSeed Movement.

In the endless upward spiral of evolution, life creates the conditions for more life, more complexity and diversity, more and more amazing possibilities. It transformed Earth's surface from an empty, hostile wasteland into a world both hospitable and abundant, making possible the flourishing of a glorious variety of species and the fantastic complexity of their ecosystems, which together form a global biosphere that acts like a vast superorganism to maintain inside its body the conditions for life.

But all organisms must reproduce, carrying forward the cycle of evolution in the face of each organism's inevitable death. Now, with the advent of humanity and the great burst of creativity and possibility it has unleashed, the biosphere has found a way to spread outward from Earth, to transform more barren worlds into living ones, seeding the Solar System and eventually the Galaxy with life. So instead of using up Mother Earth's resources for the sake of fleeting human advantage, it's time to make her cause our own, the cause of life and evolution, so that one biosphere can become many and go on forever. It's time to become SolSeed.