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Status: Private
Language: English
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Main topic: Documentation
Wiki size: 40,000 article pages [No see stats]

(As of: DD Month 2012)

Southeastern is a corporate private wiki for the documentation of a English train operating company.

We are a large United Kingdom train operating company with a fleet of over 350 trains operating in Kent and South London. We use DokuWiki as our technical documentation management system. It is a closed system, but is by most measures quite large, 40,000 pages, 20,000 images with around 5,000 attached files mostly pdf format. It is still growing as we find new and more sophisticated uses for the system.

We have developed our DokuWiki installation over the last three years and currently have around 800 users with full time system administration and content management staff, around 50 people are regular authors. It is now the single source of technical information for Engineering and Train Maintenance. We have moved everything off a shared server environment, to a web based platform. We make extensive use of Access Control lists to manage author approval and document revision control.

DokuWiki is used as part of a small, open source software suite, which together with some in-house developments, has dramatically changed our work processes and organisational structures. We are seeing direct and measurable benefits both in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness. We have worked with the DokuWiki development team to improve functionality and usability in a large business orientated context. At least two other large UK train operating companies are also now using DokuWiki.