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Square Enix Wiki
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(As of: 2021-09-07)

The Square Enix Wiki (SEW) is a wiki about Square Enix, including its corporate history, key people in the company's staff, its various video game products, key people involved in video game development, and other topics related to Square Enix, which covers properties of:

  • Square Co., Ltd. (or Squaresoft) and Enix: the companies that existed before the corporate merger forming Square Enix;
  • Eidos and Taito: child companies of Square Enix;
  • and current and former regional offices of Square Enix.

The Square Enix Wiki was founded in 2011 as part of the creation of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance (SEIWA), a conglomerate of independent wikis that cover various Square Enix video game properties and franchises. The wiki has taken some time to grow, but continues to embody the vision of an independent and complete reference and guide to all things Square Enix.

The wiki is hosted by Grifkuba.

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