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Founded by: Brandon Rhea
Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Star Wars
Backups: 2017-04-23
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The Star Wars Fan Wiki, also called Star Wars Fanpedia, is the Wikia movies community Star Wars wiki of documented fan works and activities. Originally found at, it now uses the URL. Whereas Wookieepedia is the wiki of documented canon material, and Star Wars Fanon is the fanon wiki where anyone can make up any story they wish to, with some restrictions, the Star Wars Fan Wiki / Star Wars Fanpedia is neither of these things. Star Wars Fanpedia, founded by Brandon Rhea, is meant to serve as the largest online encyclopedia of Star Wars fan related documentation that there has ever been.

The entire effort to document information about Star Wars fan works and activities is a community effort. Everything gathered must be attributed to a verifiable source, and there will be certain notability requirements to go along with this. Articles about fan websites, fan fiction, fan films, and various other Star Wars Fan works, as well as articles about individual fan novels, films, characters, organizations, weapons, and so forth, are permissible under the policies of Star Wars Fanpedia. The same is said for real-world fan fiction authors, fan film directors, crew members and the like, though these too must pass notability requirements.