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Wiki made especially for those concerned with severe storms, particularly the storm chasing community.

Even with excellent resources like WX-CHASE, the Stormtrack forum, and some good books on stormchasing or meteorology/weather, a beginner can easily become confused by the terminology or jargon, including unknown words and acronyms. It was quickly apparent to me that before you can walk the walk, you need to be able to grok the talk!. One of the goals of StormWiki is to be the "secret decoder ring" to the great information you find on other sites. The main advantage of the Wiki comes from multiple editors/authors who can amass a great deal of information in a short period of time. I hope that you will become one of this site's many authors/contributors/editors. You need no special knowledge to edit pages, just the web browser you are using to read StormWiki right now. To find out more, choose a link under "Getting Started" below.

To see the beginnings of how this will work, you may wish to start with one of the following pages: outflow boundary, core punch, HP, or CAPE. Coming soon will be broader articles on topics such as "Getting Started in Storm Chasing", "Storm Chasing Safety", "Storm Chasing Equipment", etc

The wikis seems to be gone. Only shows a Mac OSX placeholder page.