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Sturmkrieg is entirely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop
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(English – as of: 01 January 2013)

Sturmkrieg has several specific wikis, mostly for different languages, but some of them on different topics. It has no free license, as most article content is owned by Games Workshop. Technically, contributions to the article and user namespaces are owned by the users, with permission for the contributions to be used in any other areas of Sturmkrieg (sysops may require attribution if someone uses a substantial part of another user's work). However, since nearly all article content is derivative work, it is owned by Games Workshop. Even though fanfiction is not owned by the authors, website policy requires attribution the be provided if a user uses significant portions of another user's work; attribution of ownership must still and always be attributed to Games Workshop. It was founded 27 April 2010. It was originally located at Wikia, which provided a good layout and service until November when the unusable Oasis skin was implemented. In October, Sturmkrieg moved to Wikkii as a result of the scheduled changes to Wikia and the repeatedly ignored requests not to make the changes mandatory. While it is now independent, it remains associated with Wikkii and provides services to Wikkii users to improve the service, such as the Wikkii Community Wiki. With the apparent deletion of Wikkii, the Administration Committee is currently deciding when to drop external links to Wikkii and to delete the interwiki transcluded Wikkii Community Wiki templates. (What is the latest, now Wikkii is back online?)


The goal of Sturmkrieg is to create an encyclopedic resource for unofficial, player written background for the 40k universe that serves to extend it. This is done through ensuring general canon consistency and a fair quality of writing throughout articles and stories.

Main 40k

Warhammer canon wikis[edit]

The Warhammer canon wikis of Sturmkrieg are intended as an augmentative resources for providing information on the Warhammer universe. While the main wiki is for content that players of the game create and extend, the canon wikis are intended to give official information on the background and to help combine the official and unofficial information. Maintaining separate wikis keeps the official information separate from unofficial information to prevent confusion. Because there are already to other 40k encyclopedias, the purpose of the Sturmkrieg canon wikis is to provide a brief overview of the canon subject, provide links to the relevant articles on the other encyclopedias for additional reading, and a list of articles on the fan fiction wiki that involve the canon subject.

40k canon
Warhammer fantasy canon

Malleus Commons[edit]

The Malleus Commons is a 40k image storage wiki that allows official 40k images to be stored and used by other websites, primarily through the $wgForeignRepos function of MediaWiki. It is intended as a similar project to the Wikimedia Commons wiki, which stores millions of free images, but cannot be a resource for Warhammer images since they are not technically free to use.


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