Sunflower River

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Main topic: Ecology

Sunflower River is joyfully creating a sanctuary wherein we embody and promote sustainability, spirituality, adaptability & safety within our selves, community, our land and Gaia.


Sunflower River is a place in which we live in community, in ever-increasing harmony with our ecosystem, striving to balance the needs of that ecosystem with our own needs. It is a place of centeredness in spirit, a refuge and center for our magical workings, a sacred place. It is a place of sacred work as well as sacred play, “daily bread” work that we recognize as meaningful and self-sustaining, and of celebration of the cycles of nature and our lives. A place where we can strive towards self-sufficiency--growing and raising our own food, creating our own energy with sun and wind power, living in sustainable, earth-friendly dwellings, taking care of each other and sharing resources.

Sunflower River is a place which acts as a center for sustainability outreach, of contact with other communities engaged in sustainable or spiritual practices that touch upon ours, of the education of interested people in sustainable and/or spiritual practices.