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A sysop, also written as SysOp; a shortened portmanteau of 'system operator' – of a wiki or other systems which deal with user accounts online such as bulletin board systems or internet forums, and offline as in corporate intranet, are also known as administrators (usually shortened to admins for brevity). Sysops can perform administrative functions that regular user account holders cannot. Sysops can block difficult people or unblock them, and can delete spam or vandalism. Sysops can also protect pages, unprotect them, and edit protected pages.

All wiki using the MediaWiki software on the internet post a full list of current Sysops of their wiki (unless they specifically choose to withold that information). Other wiki engines either don't have easy ways to publish a list of Sysops, or the wiki is beautifully simple and doesn't need that role.

Contrary to bureaucrats, sysops aren't necessarily the 'leaders' of wikis, but are better compared to 'janitors'.

List of WikiIndex sysops[edit]

To see the complete list of WikiIndex sysops, please go to Special:ListUsers/sysop

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