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Still don't know if inactive template should be applied on SwitchWiki ? Christophe Ducamp | talk 14:17, 18 Feb 2006 (EST)

Hi Christophe, I don't think the inactive template should be used, because the wiki is still active, just the project that is done. MarkDilley | talk

Old notes about SwitchWiki[edit]

Old notes about SwitchWiki, MarkDilley | talk

Why SwitchWiki is important for newcomers.

Is it important for newcomers?

They're already here. See it more and more.

Would there be anything interesting for them to see happen in that space? Anything important to have there?

What's the moment they knew they would stay and be (active) members of the community/communities? What conditions made it possible?

How do you provide newbies with the tools that allow them to participate without hand-holding and without disruption? Or with limited hand-holding and limited disruption? And if there needs to be handholding and disruption, how do we deal with that? [The question that occurs to me now, as I sit in this airport and type, is: Might disruption be something that is, at times, in some ways, *desirable*? Does disruption produce anything that's valuable to the community? So that it's not just something to be weathered or managed, but something to be wanted, even sought. And then my next question is: if there *is* such a thing as desirable disruption, what conditions make that possible? I'm not sure if my line of questioning makes sense or if it's interesting to you, but it's what I find myself wondering right now. I'm thinking again of teaching. There is such a thing as a too-docile student. You want a degree of resistance. But the right kind of resistance!)


Would this be the same as setting up Inter-Wiki-Links? I'm not sure how to set them up, but to use them it would be something like this to link to the main page of the English Wikipedia: [[EnWikipedia:Main Page]] or [[EnWikipedia:Main Page|]] to hide everything except what's after the colon. Of course, this would have to be set up individually for every wiki we wanted to implement it for. Wikipedia has a page to just add these to and a bot scans it every so often and implements the new ones. But then again, I've never run the PyWikiBot either. If the only real setup to doing it would be for me to install Python on my PC, then I'll look into doing it. A big plus would be that once given "bot" status by a bureaucrat, their edits don't show up in Recent changes by default, but it only takes one click for a user to be able to see them. —User:Sean Fennel@ 03:26, 22 Mar 2006 (EST)