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Just as I am fond of WikiEngines going into the Category:Wiki engine, I like the idea of our WikiNode pointing to the WikiNodes page. Just like the front page is WikiIndex. Both ideas are similar in a way that I can't articulate very well at the moment. (I am trying to create a visual. Talk:FooMarksIdeaOnTheRecursiveNatureOfWikiWithExamplesCategoryWikiEngineWikiIndexFrontPageAndWikiNodeToWikiNodesWikiHmmmmm) MarkDilley | talk

here is the dump from SwitchWiki:WikiNode to be intergrated here perhaps:

WikiNodes Wiki -- discussion of the WikiNode network

The WikiNodes Wiki is about the concept of organizing people and wikis through a network of interests. Like SwitchWiki, every wiki is described by a single wiki page. Unlike SwitchWiki (which places 1 page per wiki on the SwitchWiki; naming that page after the wiki it describes), the Wiki Nodes Network places 1 page about that wiki (and a few neighbors) on that wiki itself (naming that page WikiNode).

Thus we will place a WikiNode here on this page! ;-) :

WorldWideWiki WikiNode[edit]

Welcome to the WorldWideWiki! This wiki hosts several projects including SwitchWiki.

Key Points of Interest at WorldWideWiki[edit]

- HomePage home-page - RecentChanges recent changes - WorldWideWikiNews - SwitchWiki - a list of all known public wiki, with brief descriptions

wiki-nodes of neighbors to WorldWideWiki[edit]

- [inter-wiki-wiki: wiki-node] - general inter-wiki development and coordination - [node-wiki-for-university-wikis: wiki-node] - noding university-wikis - [node-wiki-for-city-wikis: wiki-node] - noding city-wikis - [node-wiki-for-wiki-hives: wiki-node] - noding wiki-hives (and -farms) -[node-wiki-for-political-wikis] - noding political wikis

(This page is a dual-duty page. This page is the WikiNode for WorldWideWiki, and it is also the page of SwitchWiki that describes the wiki called the "WikiNodes Wiki". Sorry if this WikLossary:McGuffin is confusing. )

WikiNode template[edit]

not sure where this comment goes, but I thought that we were not universally adding the WikiNode template to wiki, only to the Vibrant category to start? (re: AddYourOwn) What did others think the decision was? Best, MarkDilley | talk


I like Mark's format of having the internal link and then apostrophe s and then the external link to the WikiNode. Excellent! TedErnst | talk 00:15, 18 Feb 2006 (EST)

to add to neighbors[edit]

Collaborative editing[edit]

this would be coool! for us here at WikiIndex - it is from the wikicities wiki-node

Editor: moon-edit, server:, standart port: 32123, page: wikicities -0 -


Reformatted a little, this page looks content wise like a pretty good TourBusStop page. 02:50, 1 Mar 2006 (EST)

It would be good for us to have a TourBusStop as well. The tour bus is another way to traverse the wiki universe, wiki nodes is another one, and this site itself, wiki index, is a 3rd. TedErnst | talk 13:52, 1 Mar 2006 (EST)
I know (I drive a tour bus), but I was just thinking that the sort of stuff on this page seems to be the same sort of stuff that's on most TourBusStops. So perhaps we could save ourselves the trouble of writing it from scratch and use this page as a starting point. If we don't that's fine; it was just an observation/suggestion. —User:Sean Fennel@ 01:37, 6 Mar 2006 (EST)

don't think needs to be meta[edit]

This and TourBusStop don't make sense to me as meta pages.

Would be great if you could say who you are and why you feel that way. Thanks! TedErnst | talk 17:38, 10 Mar 2006 (EST)

First is that I think of them as basic wiki ideas, deserving of place in the "main" namespace. Second, all of our neighbors are simply WikiNode - not WikiWikiWeb:WikiNode and RecentChangesCamp:WikiNode. For those reasons I am moving the page back. I am still interested in why you think it should be a meta page. MarkDilley

Those wikis don't use namespaces. We do. Our WikiNode is not a basic wiki idea. The WikiNodesNetwork is the basic wiki idea and WikiNode or WikiNodes such as heck do belong in the main namespace and should be about the whole network, not just our WikiNode. TedErnst | talk 00:09, 4 Apr 2006 (EDT)

I am not understanding you. What do you mean that our wiki node is not a basic wiki idea? A WikiNode on a wiki is a simple page - its general structure is set out at the WikiNodes Wiki. Why would it be any different on our wiki? MarkDilley

I just wrote more about this at Talk:TourBusStop. Media-wikis don't put their WikiNodes in the article space, generally. TedErnst | talk 14:48, 4 Apr 2006 (EDT)

WikiNode - what is it?[edit]

Sorry but the explanation is very sketchy. I sort of get that it something that relates to other wiki's but there is no examples. What's confusing to me is, we link to Wikipedia, a French wiki, a german wiki etc. How linked is a node?

Finally this beckons the question, how does one become a node?

Joewski @ 01:57, 1 January 2007 (PST)

You make a page on your wiki called "WikiNode" and simply link up whatever you like. It's completely up to you. One idea is that when people post off-topic stuff (by seemingly maybe related) to your wiki, you point them to a neighbor, where that stuff is on-topic. TedErnst | talk 12:27, 1 January 2007 (PST)
Maybe a direct link to the origins of the idea would help, Best, MarkDilley
The page WikiProject:Wiki-Noding *should* have an explanation of the WikiNode Network. When you say "the explanation is very sketchy", do you mean that the explanation here on the WikiNode page is too brief, and we need to spell out in this "WikiNode" page a more detailed explanation? Or can this be fixed by a more prominent link from this page to "WikiProject:Wiki-Noding", which already has more detailed explanation? Or are you saying that you already found "WikiProject:Wiki-Noding" and even that explanation needs more details? --DavidCary (talk) 19:05, 16 May 2016 (PDT)
I think the WikiNode is an interesting idea that would work only if a good number of wiki-people would propagate and teach it actively. This idea does not propagate itself. And those two people who stated it, where not even able to maintain their own websites. they do absolutely nothing to see their ideas through. Therefore, practically speaking, the idea is a dead end. It sounds nice but does not work. The wikispehre is only a catchphrase, it does not practically exist, has no structure. Just like saying "the average man" it is something entirely virtual. If wikispehre would be an abstract for something that really existed, than the number of WikiNodes would grow with exponential speed. If an organization would expedite the creation of WikiNodes, it would help wikisphere to get real. But, as one can see easily by the extremely poor performance of this wiki, the imaginary wiki of wikis, there is no manpower, no structure, no speed, noting mentionable to make the difference. therefore it will remain not much more than an idea in the heads of a handful people and will wither away. Manorainjan 03:44, 17 May 2016 (PDT)

Dead links[edit]

Just getting my brain round this idea, so I'll probably set one up on my wiki. But when I was looking for examples on this page I noticed a number of dead links. My day is ending, but if they're still around tomorrow I'll clear some of them out if nobody objects.--Bob M 16:44, 15 September 2009 (EDT)

Interested in Nodes[edit]

I'm assuming I speak on behalf of the wiki I help to administrate. Lately, we've grown to the point where we are no longer isolated in the greater Wikisphere. Are wikinodes simply affiliated wikis? Case in point, Zelda has 2 affiliated wikis, one is simply a German language version, and the other is a General Gaming Strategy Guide Wiki. I suppose what I want to know is if both would be WikiNodes or not. Axiomist 14:02, 3 November 2009 (EST)

Are these wikis listed already on wikiindex? In any case there is no problem with creating a page "WikiNode" oder "Zelda" on your wiki and listing your topic neighbours there. Also (or instead of) consider to connect to a WikiBus-Tour (see Category:TourBusStop). Greetings --Wolf | talk 03:34, 4 November 2009 (EST)
Only one, StrategyWiki, Sadly our German language counterpart has not yet created a page here. To the best of my knowledge there was only one bilingual person between us, Pascal. And we haven't heard from him in a good while now. I've looked through several pages here, and it's clear that more usage of wikinodes and tourbus is wanted. But I still haven't figured out just how to implement it. Axiomist 15:09, 7 November 2009 (EST)
I created the Zeldapendium page. Is there any special page like Popular pages oder Meistbesuchte Seiten? Regards/Grüße --Wolf | talk 15:42, 10 November 2009 (EST)

Thank you for getting to that for us. I'll see what I can find out from some of the people that navigate both wikis. On another note, I've been working on an affiliations project for ZW, and will be linking to our article here and the WikiIndex main page. Hopefully that helps bring even more wikis to this great site! But I have a question: The title above the keys says "WikiIndex", below the keys it says "IndexWiki", the URL has How would this wiki like to be referred to? I only ask because for brand creation purposes we prefer Zelda for ourselves. Axiomist 11:27, 24 December 2009 (EST)

Thinking of connecting to other wiki hubs[edit]

no need for a frankly obscure language?[edit]

Why was the Filipino language version deleted? Are we not happy with every additional translation we can get? I thought this is to be an international wiki. --Manorainjan 01:13, 13 November 2017 (PST)