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Founded by: Professor Lin Xincheng
Status: Active
Language: Chinese
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Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: Taiwan
Wiki size: 2,241 article pages see stats

(As of: 2023-05-23)


淡水維基館建立於2013年9月13日,由淡江大學資圖系林信成教授所帶領的研究團隊建置經營,期望匯集淡水在地文化元素,以紀錄淡水的一切,包括淡水的歷史文化、風土民情、生活點滴、觀光旅遊、吃喝玩樂 ... 等等,只要與淡水有關者無所不包,並以維基(Wiki)協作方式作為整合匯流平台,開放大眾對淡水相關資料加以彙整。期望以後只要一提到淡水,古往今來資料都可在這個平台上找到,以利大眾瞭解淡水在地知識、文化源流、社會變遷、重要歷史事蹟與當代生活脈絡;同時,其成果亦可提供相關研究者做為重要參考資源。


Tamsui Wiki is a digital humanities co-writing platform. It was founded on 13 September 2013 by Professor Lin Xincheng of the Department of Information and Mapping, Tamkang University, Taiwan. It hopes to explore the Tamsui River Basin (including Tamsui River and Keelung River) through wiki community collaboration, Xindian Creek, Dahan Creek) surrounding areas (covering Tamsui, Keelung, Shuangbei, Taoyuan, Yilan, Hsinchu, etc.), the development context of four hundred years. Including: history and culture, landscape and geomorphology, historic buildings, urban and rural settlements, local customs, life details... etc., as long as it is related to fresh water, it is all-encompassing, and the public is open to collect fresh water-related information. It is hoped that as long as Tamsui is mentioned in the future, information from ancient times to the present can be found on this platform, so that the public can understand Tamsui's local knowledge, cultural origins, social changes, important historical events, and contemporary life context; at the same time, its results can also provide relevant teaching authors and researchers as an important reference resource.