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F70076.jpg Telescope F70076
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I'm a complete beginner what concerns telescopes and astronomy, so I thought that my experience about telescopes might be useful for other beginners. I just discover all these things for myself, only for entertainment. About this telescope, well, this is a simple 3 inch (76mm) Newton reflector, similar to Celestron PowerSeeker 76 AZ, and the cheapest telescope which one can buy, if $100 is too much to you to waste for a telescope.

Many ask a question what telescope should they buy. But there is no single answer to that question, there are different types of telescopes and the only way to find out whether these telescopes are good for your needs, is to know more about these telescopes. This is a description of one type of telescope. This telescope is not a kind of one which should be recommended definitely not to buy, but you should know more about this type of telescopes to decide whether they satisfy your needs or you should rather consider buying a more expensive telescope, such as the 8 inch dobsonian.

The first advice which I can give here is that when you want to buy a telescope, the first thing which you should do is to find out the usual visual magnitude limit in your location. For example find out whether you can see all stars in Big Dipper. If you can, then your visual magnitude limit is at least 3.3, if it is much worse, then you maybe should think about buying a bigger telescope.

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