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Template:CountryCategoryHeader — this category contains a list of articles (and sub-categories) about the country of CountryCategoryHeader; including wikis, people, places, language(s), and / or other pertinent information.


This geographic template is used here on WikiIndex to produce a very brief introduction to category articles of countries, together with an interwiki link to the English Wikipedia article of the same name.


Simply select and highlight {{CountryCategoryHeader}}, copy (Ctrl-c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v) it at the top of the edit box of all country categories listed here on WikiIndex, and then save your edit. Further descriptive text can be added immediately following the template code (leave two spaces, or two carriage returns); such as who it shares borders with (land borders with other countries, and maritime borders to water bodies), its capital city, significant tourist or World Heritage features (which might have their own wiki), and any other notable information. If you are not familiar with this latter information, simply add {{Category-stub}} in addition to this template, so as to prompt other editors to provide required information.