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ElWiki was a collection of wiki-based 'knowledgebases' on a variety of subjects. Users could create a wiki on any subject, free of charge, and get a free .com, .net, or .org domain after hitting a certain threshold of activity. ElWiki was founded 2006, and went down around September / October 2007. The owner of this free MediaWiki wiki farm was Martin Rozinsky. During 2008, the ElWiki.com domain became a GoDaddy domain parking site.

People wanting to start their own wiki hosted by a third party should keep in mind that such disasters can happen. Seemingly very few of the wikis on this ElWiki farm survived, although The H-Town Wiki was migrated prior to being lost, and is still an active wiki.

Final message[edit]

From 21 February 2008:

"We're sorry... We're sorry about the downtime we've been having lately. Our previous hosting provider let us down. We can assure you this was as frustrating to you as it was to us. We've finally managed to migrate everything to a new set of servers. The new infrastructure should be significantly more reliable. We're still working on setting everything up, so some domains may be temporarily unavailable. We're also closed to new registrations until we can ensure stability for our existing users. — The ElWiki team."

Other failed wiki farms[edit]

List of ElWiki wikis[edit]

Last list of ElWiki-hosted wikis at 21 September 2007, from the Internet Archive WaybackMachine at Archive.org, with some known additions: