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For other uses, see: For (disambiguation).


This shortcut template creates a hatnote, which is used at the top of article pages or categories (or the top of an appropriate sub-section within an article or category) for simple disambiguations, and to show readers similar alternative articles. This template currently supports twenty (20) additional articles. See also template:For on the English Wikipedia.


With no identifying targets[edit]

This option generates a basic disambiguation option to its identical pagename:



For other uses, see: For (disambiguation).

With additional targeted identifiers[edit]

This option generates a number of specific and different article pages:


{{For|the WikiIndex TourBusStop page|TourBusStop}}

For the WikiIndex TourBusStop page, see: TourBusStop.

Don't forget to use the 'Show preview' (Alt+p on your keyboard) when experimenting with differing phrases within the template, before saving (Alt+s) your edit.

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