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Please note: this infobox template is DEPRECIATED.

Any articles which still use this template need changing back to template:Wiki infobox,
and then amend its |status = field accordingly to Dead (or Dormant).

Sadly, this wiki site has been inappropriately reassigned to this template.  Please re-assign it to our regular Wiki template, and amend its fields accordingly.
[{{{URL}}} Inactive]
PLEASE NOTE: the infobox 'template: Inactive' to which this boilerplate refers to is DEPRECIATED.
Any articles which still use the {{Inactive}} infobox template need it changing back to template:Wiki{{Wiki}}, and the |status =   field amended accordingly to either Dormant OR Dead.

  • Copy the following boilerplate text to your clipboard (select, and then Ctrl-C) and then paste it (Ctrl-V) at the top of the inactive wiki article edit box.
|URL = URLofInactiveWiki
|logo= LogoOfInactiveWiki

<<Description of Inactive Wiki goes here>>