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fr-N This person is a native French speaker.
en-5 This person is a professional English speaker.
de-4 This person is a nearnative German speaker.
es-3 This person is an advanced Spanish speaker.
pt-2 This person is an intermediate Portuguese speaker.
it-1 This person is a basic Italian speaker.
zh-0 This person is a non Chinese speaker.
Some examples are shown on the right
(red links indicate we have no person on WikiIndex who speaks that language at that level)

Where . . .

  • code = the two-or-three code acronym for the language, and
  • level = a number/letter indicating how well the language is spoken:
    • 0 — not able to speak
    • 1 — basic
    • 2 — intermediate
    • 3 — advanced
    • 4 — near native
    • 5 — professional
    • N — native
Find code

See Wikipedia: List of ISO 639-1 codes, and in the table of languages, look at the column saying "639-1". If your language isn't there, see Wikipedia: List of ISO 639-2 codes, and look at the Alpha-3 column. If it still isn't there, look at the ISO 639-3 codes list and click a letter. If it isn't there yet, write the language's name in English. You may also ask someone.


All main language categories can be found at category:Wiki People by Language, and all sub-categories can be found at Category:LanguageSpeakers (#), where Language is the name of a language, and # is a number between 0–5 or an N.