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Not to be confused with category: Wiki Language Category

Template: Language Category — this category here on WikiIndex is for wiki sites whose subject matter is, or discusses the Language Category language.

See also category: Multilingual – for those wiki sites with a subject matter of more than one language.

For those wiki sites whose contents are written in their actual language (ie, not English), they should go into their relevant Wiki language sub-category instead. In this instance, wiki sites with contents written in Language Category should be included in category: Wiki Language Category instead. See also category: Wiki Multilingual, for those wiki sites written in more than one language.


This language template is used on individual sub-category pages ONLY within category: Language. Its purpose is to render a standard header text for a language category, along with an interwiki link to the relevant language article on the English Wikipedia (En.Wp) wiki site. Usage of this Template: Language Category will auto-include categories as a sub-category within category: Language. This template should not be used anywhere else.


Simply select (highlight) {{Language Category}} and copy (Ctrl-c or ⌘-c on your keyboard), then paste (Ctrl-v or ⌘-v) at the top of the edit box of the required language category, and save (Ctrl-s or ⌘-s) your edit.

It will also be helpful to add a further one- or two-line brief explanation (two carriage returns after the end of the {{Language Category}} template code) about where, or which countries the specific language is used in. For an example of the Oromo language category, the following was added:

The '''Oromo language''' is an {{Wp|Afroasiatic languages|Afro-Asiatic language}}; spoken by the {{Wp|Oromo people}}, and the neighbouring peoples in {{tag|Ethiopia}} and {{tag|Kenya}}.

Which displays

The Oromo language is an Afro-Asiatic language; spoken by the Oromo people, and the neighbouring peoples in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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