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Template: MediaWiki-skinCategoryHeader — this category here on WikiIndex contains a list of wiki sites that use, or are able to use MediaWiki-skinCategoryHeader, a MediaWiki skin.


This category template is used here on WikiIndex to produce a very brief introduction for category pages of individual MediaWiki skins, together with an interwiki link to the MediaWiki.org article of the same name.


Simply select and highlight {{MediaWiki-skinCategoryHeader}}, copy (Ctrl-c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v) it at the top of the edit box of all MediaWiki skin categories listed here on WikiIndex, and then save (Ctrl-s) your edit.

Further descriptive text may be added immediately following the template code (leave two spaces, or two carriage returns); specifically, its full description, its origin and author(s), original wiki site user, and any observations (such as limitations on use, bugs, or known problems).

Please also note if any wiki farm includes this skin (either as part of their standard default installation, or as an option).

Finally, add the {{WikiApiary-skin}} immediately after an 'External links' section.