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Note: this top-tier 'parent category' or 'mother category' should be empty of article pages; Parent category, and other appropriate articles, should only be listed in the below sub-categories.


This housekeeping template is used only on those category pages which are the 'top-tier' category for a specific topic or subject. Importantly, it states that the particular parent category should be empty of article pages; and should only contain sub-categories. Its purpose is to advise and inform readers and editors to correctly (re)categorise article pages.


Simply highlight {{Parent category}}, select copy (Ctrl-c on your Windows keyboard, or ⌘-c on a Macintosh), and paste (Ctrl-v or ⌘-v) it into the edit box (ideally near the bottom, but wherever is most appropriate) of the 'parent' or 'mother' category. Don't forget to preview (Ctrl-p or ⌘-p) your edit to verify your change is as desired, and then save (Ctrl-s or ⌘-s) your changes.

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