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This is the boilerplate for template:Personal infobox. Use this template for generating an infobox on an article page for a wiki person. Note: ALL field headings / placeholders from this template must be included in the article – even if left blank, thanks.

{{Personal infobox <!--see 'Template:Personal infobox' for full detail-->
|image      = [[File:Mug Shot pic.png|300px|image description]]<!--MANUALLY wikilink, inc. 300px width, OR hotlink 300px to external URL-->
|name       = <!--full OFFICIAL name of person-->
|age        = <!--or DoB, or just year of birth; leave blank if unknown-->
|gender     = <!--{{tag|Male Wiki People|Male}}, {{tag|Female Wiki People|Female}}; plain text if non-binary, or leave blank if unknown-->
|other names= <!--birth name (if different), wiki username(s), other nickname(s); leave blank if none / unknown-->
|nationality= <!--eg {{tag|Wiki People from the United Kingdom|British}}, {{tag|Wiki People from China|Chinese}}, etc; leave blank if unknown-->
|languages  = <!--eg: English, Spanish, Japanese etc; tag with babels if WikiIndex editor, eg: {{Language|fi|N}}{{Language|en|3}}{{Language|de|5}}-->
|residence  = <!--city, state, country; tag first available, eg: Yukon {{tag|Canada}}, {{tag|Berlin}} Germany, etc; leave blank if unknown-->
|home wiki  = <!--wikilink to WikiIndex article(s); leave blank if unknown-->
|status     = <!--'Active', 'Semi-active', 'WikiHoliday', 'Retired', 'Deceased', etc; leave blank if unknown-->
|website    = <!--eg: http://PersonalURL.org - leave blank if none / unknown-->
|contacts   = <!--e-mail, Skype, IRC, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc; only if ALREADY in public domain; leave blank if none / unknown-->
<<<--Biography of wiki person goes here.
Try to add any notable creations, events, activities, occurrences, features, or attributes.
Please do NOT include any personally sensitive information, nor any potentially libellous info.
Best policy is to use material that is only and already in the public domain.

*[[Wiki name]] — position <!--such as [[bureaucrat]], [[sysop]], [[staff]], [[editor]], [[founder]], [[owner]], etc-->



Copy the above text in the blue 'boilerplate' and paste it at the top of the edit box in the relevant wiki person article, then amend the fields to the right of the equals (=) sign. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (or alt-p on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt-s).