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This Template:PopulateCategory is either empty, or sparsely populated,
and needs to be 'populated' with articles, stubs (and / or other categories)
relevant to the subject matter of this specific category.

Include an article page in this category via one (or more) of three methods:
a. add PopulateCategory in the appropriate field of its infobox template
b. 'tag' a word within the prose of the article, as in {{tag|PopulateCategory}}
c. add [[Template:PopulateCategory]] at the bottom of its edit box.


This category template can be used on any 'unpopulated' category pages, ie, empty categories (or sparsely populated categories). Its purpose is to prompt editors to add any new or existing articles, including stub articles; or to create completely new articles here on WikiIndex, to the highlighted category.

To include this template banner on any relevant empty or sparsely populated category, simply copy {{PopulateCategory}} and paste it into said category edit box and save. The text highlighted in grey-white (after a., b., and c. examples) in the template will automatically change to the relevant article or category name. Usage of this template will automatically include the said category into category: Categories needing populating.

If the actual category page in question does not have an infobox, nor a right-aligned logo or other image, this template can be aligned to the right margin by copying and pasting <div style=float:right>{{PopulateCategory}}</div>. If this template is used on an already populated category, but you are aware of significantly more articles to add, you may either leave a note on its talk page, or add a 'hidden' comment alongside the template code, as in {{PopulateCategory}}<!--there are loads of English Wikia sites-->.

See also

Template:Add (used for dumping wiki URLs into a new article without an infobox and no structured data), template:Stub (the default generic stub template), and category:Stub templates (a list of all specific-targeted stub templates).