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This is the boilerplate template for template: Private; the infobox with the dark grey border. If you have determined that a wiki site is ' Private', meaning you are denied access, but believe the wiki site to be active (or you have access, but know it is private), then you may use the following boilerplate if you know only the URL for its main page. However, if you are aware of more of its URLs, such as: 'recent changes', 'about', 'statistics', etc., or know other identifying information such as: 'engine', 'license', 'maintopic', etc., please consider using our main or primary infobox template: template: Wiki, and use file: Private.png as its logo, or preferably, 'Private' as a short-code in the |logo =   field. All infobox external URLs must start with http:// or https://, whereas prose links in the description can also use any existing interwiki link for external sites, along with conventional 'internal' wikilinks.

{{Private <!--see 'Template:Private' and / or 'Template:Wiki' for full detail and hidden help advice-->
|URL    = PrivateWikiURL <!--start with http:// or https:// e.g. https://PrivateWikiURL.com, if unknown: 'UnknownWikiURL'-->
|founder= unknown<!--wiki founder(s) name(s); default is plain text, wikilink only to existing article; if unknown, type 'unknown'-->

<<<--Full description (if possible) of Private wiki site goes here-->>>


It would also be helpful to add the year of founding, like so...
[[Category:Founded in YYYY]]<!--https://PrivateWikiURL.com/index.php?title=Special:AncientPages-->

Select and highlight the text above in the blue/grey 'boilerplate', select copy the highlighted text (Ctrl-c, or -c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or -v) it at the top of the edit box of the relevant Private wiki article, then amend the fields to the right of the = sign with the requested information on the specific private wiki site. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (alt-p (PC) or shift-esc-p (Mac) on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt-s [PC] or shift-esc-s [Mac]).