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Suggested rename of this page.Image source: Wikimedia Commons.
  It is requested that this Template:Rename article, section, or category be renamed to [[:Template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] because {{{2}}}. Please discuss.


Place the following boilerplate text at the top of the edit box.
{{Rename|new better name of article or category|reason for suggestion}}

Please replace the new better name of article or category text with the actual preferred new name of the article or category. Please indicate on their specific talk page the reason for the rename. When requesting a category rename, correct or better grammar is a strong reason, as is changing a plural into a singular. (For categories, it is an absolute given that a category will contain more than one article within, so there is no need to use a pluralised name.)

Articles, sections or categories tagged with this rename housekeeping template will be automatically added to category: Articles to be renamed.

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