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This Template:Translate page here on WikiIndex is in need of a [[Category:translation from {{{1}}}]] [[:Category:translation from {{{1}}}|translation from {{{1}}}]] to English. If you speak both [[:Category:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]] and English, please translate it. If you don't, you maybe can contact someone at [[:category:{{{1}}}Speakers]].

If you are able to complete the translation of this article, please change translate (in this template) to translated – to reclassify this article into the category:translations ready for review. Thank-you. :-)

Copy the following {{translate|actual language in need of translation}}, and paste it at the top of the relevant articles' edit box, changing the italics to the appropriate language. Pages tagged with this housekeeping template are auto-categorized in the appropriate subcategory of category:Translation needed.

See also template:Translated – in the relevant translated article, change translate to translated to tag translation ready for review.