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Weblog post
[{{{Weblog post}}} Weblog post]: {{{Weblog source}}}
Original source: [{{{Orig source URL}}} {{{Source title}}}]
Published by: {{{Source publisher}}}
Source date: {{{Pub date}}}

Weblog post boilerplate: Use this template for generating a standardised infobox in an article for a weblog post about any aspects of wikis. All infobox external URLs must start with http:// or https://, whereas external link URLs within the prose description may also use any existing interwiki link for external sites, along with conventional 'internal' wikilinks.

{{Weblog post <!--see 'Template:Weblog post' for full detail and hidden help advice-->
|Weblog post     = <!--full URL of weblog, e.g. RecentChanges.info; if dead, full archive URL required-->
|Weblog source   = <!--e.g. {{tag|RecentChanges.info}}-->
|Orig source URL = <!--full URL of original source story article; if dead, full archive URL required-->
|Source title    = <!--title of the original source article-->
|Source publisher= <!--name of original source publisher, e.g. BBC, New York Times, Associated Press, etc; automatically italicises-->
|Pub date        = 20YY-MM-YY<!--YYYY-MM-DD, ISO 8601 extended date of original source-->
<<<--Description of wiki Weblog post goes here.
If free of copyright, or copyright expired, copy and paste the detail of the weblog here.  You may add further 
additional comments in the prose, and if possible, support any further information with inline citations.-->>>

<References/><!--if any-->

Select and highlight the text above in the blue/grey 'boilerplate', select copy the highlighted text (Ctrl-c, or -c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or -v) it at the top of the edit box of the relevant wiki weblog post article, then amend the fields to the right of the = sign with the requested information. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (alt-p (PC) or shift-esc-p (Mac) on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt-s [PC] or shift-esc-s [Mac]).

Usage of this Weblog post infobox template will automatically categorise articles into category: Weblog.