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Use this WikiTourBus template as shown below:

{{WikiTourBus|route number|next route number|further route numbers|url=YourTourBusURL|url en=YourTourBusEnglishURL}}

Select and highlight the above text in the grey box, copy (Ctrl-c on your keyboard), and then paste it (Ctrl-v) into the relevant wiki (or wiki engine) article (immediately after the {{Wiki}} template) here on WikiIndex, replacing the text shown in italics with the correct information. You can currently add up to seven (7) tour bus route numbers (omit any leading zeros), and two URLs (full URLs, including the http:// or https://) – separating each by an additional pipe | in the above template.

Verification URLs

This template allows for inclusion of verification by way of an external link to the relevant wiki TourBusStop page. One or both of the following options may be used; the first option will usually display the TourBusStop page in the native language of the individual wiki, and the second (where applicable and available) will provide an English translation of the said page. For a couple of working examples with both URLs, please see the rendered WikiTourBus on the DseWiki and / or Español Wikipedia articles; and see below for the Español Wikipedia actual example.

  • url= — this preferred parameter is used to link the main TourBusStop page on the said wiki; for any non-English wikis, this will be in its native language.
    • eg: |url=https://es.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:ParadaDeBusesDeTurismo
  • url en= — this optional parameter can also be used to link the English language TourBusStop page on the said wiki (if it has one).
    • eg: |url en=https://es.Wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:TourBusStop

Wiki article pages using this template without any bus route number will be automatically categorised into category:Wikis reachable by WikiTourBus. Wiki article pages using this template with one or more bus route numbers will be auto-categorised into one (or more) of the specific sub-categories of category:Wikis reachable by WikiTourBus.