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This is the boilerplate for template: Wiki farm; the infobox with the light green border. Use this template for generating an infobox in the 'mother' or 'parent' article or category for a specific wiki farm; such as eArt-wiki-hive, Miraheze, NeoWiki, Referata, ShoutWiki, Wikia, Wikidot.com, etc. If it is also a 'wiki engine', the {{WikiMatrix wiki engine features}} will generate an external link to a specific page about the wiki engine on the WikiMatrix wiki comparison wiki site; and this will provide additional detailed information. All infobox external URLs must start with http:// or https://, whereas external link URLs within the prose description may also use any existing interwiki link for external sites, along with conventional 'internal' wikilinks.

{{Wiki farm <!--see 'Template:Wiki farm' for full detail and hidden help advice-->
|name             = WikiFarmName –<br><small>''tagline''</small><!--if farm name is different from article name, and/or has tagline; otherwise, DELETE this field-->
|URL              = WikiFarmURL<!--start with http:// or https:// e.g. https://WikiFarmURL.com, if unknown 'UnknownWikiURL'-->
|logo             = [[File:NoLogo.png|Description of logo image|alt=]]<!--you may upload and wikilink, or hotlink to a URL-->
|wide logo        = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND / OR the title is too long-->
|recentchanges URL= No<!--e.g. https://WikiFarmURL.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges, if none, use 'No'-->
|wikinode URL     = No<!--e.g. https://WikiFarmURL.com/wiki/WikiNode, if none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No<!--e.g. https://WikiFarmURL.com/wiki/WIKIFARMNAMESPACE:About, if none, use 'No'-->
|documentation URL= No<!--e.g. https://WikiFarmURL.com/Documentation, if none, use 'No'-->
|maintopic        = Wiki farm<!--leave this as is, it can not be overridden-->
|founder          = Wiki farm founder<br><small>(founder and CTO, etc)</small><!--founder & other position(s); wikilink if needed; if none, use 'unknown'-->
|CEO              = Owner and/or CEO<br><small>(owner and/or CEO)</small><!--farm Owner/Chief Executive Officer; wikilink if needed; if none, use 'unknown'-->
|engine           = Wiki farm engine<!--the standard software used to power all wiki sites which are hosted-->
|farm topic       = Wiki farm topic<!--main subject area of wiki farm; such as Games, Law, Health, Non-profit, Community, etc-->
|farm license     = Wiki farm license<!--license of all wiki sites hosted; NO version numbers; see Category:Wiki license; if more than one, use 'Multi-license'-->
|status           = Wiki farm status<!--'Active' if available, 'Dead' if not, 'Dormant' if available but no staff support-->
}}{{Wiki-farm-stub}}<!--use stub template if lacking adequate description, or needing update; remove stub if detailed prose included and up to date-->
<<<--Description of [[wiki farm]] goes here.
Describe its origins and development, person who created it (founder), company who own it, and if evolved ({{tag|fork}}ed)
from another existing engine.  Try to add detail of its packages, the wiki engine used, any customisation of wiki engine,
and wiki license (including version in this prose) in full detail.
State if it offers free- or paid-for hosting, if it contains {{tag|advertising}}, and if said advertising (or the deletion
of) is dependent on fee level or log-in.  Also include any restrictions, valid complaints or server downtimes, or any other
valid and notable issues.-->>>


;''External links
{{WikiMatrix wiki engine features}}<!--if the wiki farm is also a wiki engine, as in Wikia, EditMe, Wikidot.com, etc-->
{{WikiApiary-farm}}<!--only for MediaWiki-powered wiki farms-->
{{WikiApiary-host}}<!--only for hosting providers offering MediaWiki-->
*Owner / parent company website (if appropriate)
*{{Wp|{{PAGENAME}}}} — at the [[English Wikipedia]]

Please add the year of founding of the wiki farm, like so...
[[Category:Founded in YYYY]]<!--https://WikiFarmURL.com/index.php?title=Special:AncientPages-->

Select and highlight the text above in the blue/grey 'boilerplate', select copy the highlighted text (Ctrl-c, or -c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or -v) it at the top of the edit box of the relevant wiki farm article or category, then amend the fields to the right of the = sign with the requested information on the specific wiki farm. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (alt-p (PC) or shift-esc-p (Mac) on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt-s [PC] or shift-esc-s [Mac]).

See also: template: WikiApiary-farm (for MediaWiki-powered wiki farms), template: Wiki company, template: WikiMatrix wiki engine features, and: template: Wiki engine.

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