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This template:Wikia boilerplate is a boilerplate template. It is to be used only for Fandom powered by Wikia wikis. Replace WIKINAME in the URL with the specific Wikia sub-domain name. For example, StarWars.Wikia.com or De.StarWars.Wikia.com or Es.StarWars.Wikia.com, etc. When completed and saved, this specific Wikia boilerplate calls on our default template:Wiki to generate the standard infobox as used on all wiki articles here on WikiIndex.

When adding or amending a date for the statistics (number of pages) update and / or backup file update, please use full ISO 8601 date format as shown (YYYY-MM-DD). If the URL placeholders for the backup files in the 'Database dumps' section of the /Special:Statistics page do NOT display a date, i.e. 'Unknown'; that means that no backup has been created. You may still copy and paste any live URL (for when Fandom powered by Wikia eventually decide to actually create said backup), but please add it to the backupurl field within the 'commented-out' formatted coding: <!-- -->.

{{Wiki <!--see 'Template:Wikia boilerplate' for full detail-->
|name             = <!--use if displayed Wikia wiki name is different from this article name; otherwise, DELETE this field-->
|URL              = http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page<!--use FULL main page URL-->
|logo             = https://images.Wikia.com/WIKINAME/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<!--this used to work; use 'Inspect element' from context menu-->
|wide logo        = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND/OR the title is too long-->
|recentchanges URL= http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges?limit=500&days=9000
|wikinode URL     = No <!--http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/WikiNode, if none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No <!--http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/MAIN_PAGE:About, if none, use 'No'-->
|mobile URL       = http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page?useskin=wikiamobile
|founder          = <!--wiki founder(s) name(s); only wikilink to existing article, otherwise plain text; if unknown leave void-->
|requested by     = requester<!--use this field if the Wikia was created using Special:CreateWiki on Community Central-->
|status           = YourWikiStatus<!--Active is mostly appropriate, thou many are Dormant or GoalAbandoned; see Category:Wiki Status for more info-->
|language         = YourWikiLanguage<!--eg: English, Multilingual, Japanese etc; only ONE entry in this field-->
|editmode         = OpenEdit<!--OpenEdit for Wikia with 'Require contributors to log in' feature disabled; else it's now LoginToEdit-->
|engine           = Wikia<!--a heavily modified, unique and customised MediaWiki version, so use Wikia here-->
|maintopic        = YourWikiTopic<!--the main, primary topic; other sub-topics can be added as tags within the prose below-->
|license          = Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike<!--most Wikia use CC-BY-SA; correct this for those which differ-->
|backupurl        = <!--backup file URL; found at '/Special:Statistics', lower 'Current pages and history' (very large); copy (right-click, Copy Shortcut) & paste-->
|backupdate       = 2018-MM-DD<!--ISO 8601 date of backup URL; as in YYYY-MM-DD-->
{{Size <!--see 'Template:Size' for full detail-->
|pages= <!--type the plain number of pages; NO thousands separators-->
|statistics URL= http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Statistics<!--page count source-->
|wikiFactor= <!--preferred; if unknown leave void; see: Category:wikiFactor for help-->
|wikiFactor URL= http://WIKINAME.wikia.com/wiki/Special:PopularPages<!--preferred; originally 'PopularPages', latterly 'MostVisitedPages'; use archive URL if available-->
}}(Page count as of: 20YY-MM-DD<br>wikiFactor as of: 2012-MM-DD)<!--manually add/amend ISO date; as in YYYY-MM-DD when stats are verified and/or updated-->

{{Wikia-stub}} <!-- remove this comment (between <!-- and -->) after:
type description of Wikia wiki here, and 'tag' specific notable words to include them into categories as 
follows {{tag|notable subject}}  (This tag construction is used when you want a word in the text to 
wikilink to the category of that same name.)

If a tagable category name does not appear in the prose text, use and amend the '[[Category:FirstAdditional]]' 
etc. at the BOTTOM of the page to manually add categories.  Please also add the year of founding, 
like so... -->
All wiki language generic (non-Fandom powered by Wikia or Ex-Wikia) boilerplate versions available for template:Wiki