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This template: Wikia boilerplate is a 'boilerplate' template. It is to be used only for Wikia-hosted wiki sites (subsequently branded as 'Fandom powered by Wikia', now branded soley as 'Fandom'). To correctly use this Wikia template, replace WIKINAME in the sample URLs below with its specific Wikia Fandom sub-domain identifier; for example, StarWars.Fandom.com. Please note that non-English language wiki site Fandom URLs have a notable change of URL schema compared to their former Wikia URLs, examples; from De.StarWars.Wikia.com to StarWars.Fandom.com/de/, or from Es.StarWars.Wikia.com to StarWars.Fandom.com/es/, etc. When completed and saved, this specific Wikia boilerplate calls on our default template:Wiki to generate the standard 'infobox' as used on all wiki site articles here on WikiIndex.

When adding or amending a date for the page count statistics update (number of pages - technically, part of template:Size), and / or an update to the published database dump backup file (within template:Wiki), please use the full standardised and internationalised ISO 8601 extended date format as shown: YYYY-MM-DD (standard hyphens and not 'slashes' for date separators).

If or when editing an existing Wikia site article to update it to the new Fandom URL schema, please do not change the wikiFactor URL within its template:Size. The 'Special:PopularPages' was globally disabled on Wikia many years before the rebrand to Fandom, and its newer Fandom URL schema never used popular pages; therefore, retain its former WIKINAME.Wikia.com/wiki/Special:PopularPages (or Special:MostVisitedPages) URL, so that any archived URL might be found and added to the Wikia site article page to verify its wikiFactor (wF).

Logo and / or wordmark default locations
  • https://Images.Wikia.com/SUBDOMAINNAME/images/b/bc/Wiki.png
  • https://Static.Wikia.NoCookie.net/SUBDOMAINNAME/images/e/e6/Site-logo.png
  • https://Vignette.Wikia.NoCookie.net/SUBDOMAINNAME/images/8/89/Wiki-wordmark.png
{{Wiki <!--see 'Template:Wikia boilerplate' for full detail and hidden help advice-->
|name             = <!--if actual Wikia wiki site name is different from this article name, and/or has a sub-title or tagline; otherwise, leave blank or delete this field-->
|URL              = https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/Main_Page<!--use FULL main page URL-->
|logo             = https://Images.Wikia.com/WIKINAME/images/b/bc/Wiki.png<!--this sometimes works; use 'Inspect element' from context menu of supported web browsers-->
|wide logo        = <!--insert 'y' when the logo is too wide AND/OR the title is too long-->
|recentchanges URL= https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/Special:RecentChanges?hidebots=0&limit=500&days=900
|wikinode URL     = No<!--https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/WikiNode, if none, use 'No'-->
|about URL        = No<!--https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/MAIN_PAGE:About, if none, use 'No'-->
|mobile URL       = https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com?useformat=mobile ''or'' https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/de/wiki/Main_Page?title=Main_Page&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile<!--note the non-English 'de' schema-->
|founder          = unknown<!--wiki founder(s) name(s); wikilink or external URL, otherwise plain text; if unknown, use 'unknown'-->
|requested by     = requester<!--use this field if the Wikia was created using Special:CreateWiki on Community Central-->
|status           = YourWikiStatus<!--Active is mostly appropriate, thou many are Dormant or Goal abandoned; see Category:Wiki status-->
|language         = YourWikiLanguage<!--e.g. English, Multilingual, Japanese, etc; only ONE entry in this field; create a SEPARATE article for each language version of the same wiki-->
|editmode         = OpenEdit<!--OpenEdit for Wikia with 'Require contributors to log in' disabled; otherwise it's now LoginToEdit-->
|engine           = Wikia<!--heavily customised unique MediaWiki version (not available outside Wikia); so use 'Wikia' here-->
|maintopic        = YourWikiTopic<!--only ONE main, primary topic; other sub-topics added as tags within description prose below-->
|license          = Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike<!--NO version number, MOST Wikia wikis use CC-BY-SA; amend this for those which differ-->
|backupurl        = <!--database dump file URL; found at '/Special:Statistics', lower 'Current pages and history' (very large); copy (right-click, Copy Link Address) & paste-->
|backupdate       = 2018-MM-DD<!--YYYY-MM-DD, ISO 8601 extended date of database dump backup URL; no timestamp-->
}}{{Wikia-stub}}<!--use stub template if lacking adequate description, or needing update; remove stub if detailed prose included and up to date-->
{{Size <!--see 'Template:Size' for extensive full detail and hidden help advice on page count and wikiFactor-->
|pages= <!--plain numeric value for number of CONTENT pages (or Files on a media commons wiki); NO thousands separators-->
|statistics URL= https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/Special:Statistics<!--page count source-->
|wikiFactor= <!--(wF), preferred; see: Category:wikiFactor; if wF unknown leave void; archived wF value may be used-->
|wikiFactor URL= http://WIKINAME.Wikia.com/wiki/Special:PopularPages<!--preferred; originally 'PopularPages', latterly 'MostVisitedPages'; KEEP *.Wikia.com URL here; archive URL if available-->
}}(Page count as of: 20YY-MM-DD<br>wikiFactor as of: 2012-MM-DD)<!--YYYY-MM-DD; manually add/amend ISO 8601 date when stats are verified and/or updated-->

<!-- remove this comment (between <!-- and -->) after:
Type description of Wikia wiki site here, and 'tag' specific notable words to include them into categories as follows
{{tag|notable subject}}  (The tag template is used to make a word in the text into wikilink AND auto-include into the
category of that same name).  Although not required, please try to support any commentary with inline references to
valid external citations.

;''See also
List any additional articles here on WikiIndex that may be relevant or related to this specific wiki site (if any)

<References/><!--use for inline <ref>citation URL</ref> sources (if any)-->

;''External links<!--optional, if available-->
{{WikiApiary}}<!--this links to the WikiApiary article for said Wikia site-->
*[https://WikiParentURL.org WikiParentURL.org] — official 'parent' website of wiki
*{{Wp|{{PAGENAME}}}} — on the [[English Wikipedia]]
Official web forums, and social media sites which DIRECTLY support the actual wiki site may also be included.
Off-topic links are NOT allowed; they will be treated a spam, and will be removed.

{{Multi-language navigation template}} - for article templates used to link different language versions of the same wiki,
or if a single subject has many differing wikis, such as Star Wars, Star Trek, or Final Fantasy.

If a tag-able category name does not appear in the prose text, use and amend the '[[Category:FirstAdditional]]'
etc. at the BOTTOM of the page to manually add categories.  Please also add the year of founding,
like so... -->
[[Category:Founded in YYYY]]<!--https://WIKINAME.Fandom.com/wiki/Special:AncientPages-->

Select and highlight the text above in the blue/grey 'boilerplate', copy the highlighted text (Ctrl-c on your M$ Windows, or -c Apple Mac keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or -v) it at the top of the edit box of the relevant Wikia / Fandom wiki site article, then amend the fields to the right of the = sign with the requested information on the specific Wikia / Fandom wiki site. Don't forget to click on the 'Show preview' button (alt-p or shift-esc-p on your keyboard) to verify your edited detail is correct before saving (alt-s or shift-esc-s).

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