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Stub W.svg This Template:Wikimedia-stub article is a Wikimedia 'stub'. If you like exploring Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wikis, you can help by expanding this stub article, thanks.  :-)

Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) wiki stub articles, and this will then auto-include it into category:Wikimedia stubs.

For non-Wikimedia Foundation wiki stub articles, please use any of the more specific stub templates as listed in the table below.


Simply highlight {{Wikimedia-stub}}, copy (Ctrl-c or ⌘-c on your keyboard), and then paste (Ctrl-v or ⌘-v) it to the relevant stub article edit box, and save your edit (Ctrl-s or ⌘-s). This will then auto-include it into the appropriate stub category as shown in the table below.

stub templates table (view / edit)
type of stub article correct stub template stub category
All generic, non-specific stub articles {{Stub}} category:Stubs
Category–specific stubs {{Category-stub}} category:Category stubs
Wiki engine–specific stub articles / categories {{Wiki-engine-stub}} category:Wiki engine stubs
Wiki farm–specific stub articles / categories {{Wiki-farm-stub}} category:Wiki farm stubs
Wiki people–specific stub articles {{Wiki-person-stub}} category:Wiki person stubs
Wikimedia Foundation–specific stub articles {{Wikimedia-stub}} category:Wikimedia stubs
Wikidot–specific stub articles {{Wikidot-stub}} category:Wikidot stubs
Wikia–specific stub articles {{Wikia-stub}} category:Wikia stubs
Uncyclomedia Foundation–specific stub articles {{Uncyclomedia-stub}} category:Uncyclomedia stubs
ShoutWiki–specific stub articles {{ShoutWiki-stub}} category:ShoutWiki stubs
Referata–specific stub articles {{Referata-stub}} category:Referata stubs
Wikispaces–specific stub articles {{Wikispaces-stub}} category:Wikispaces stubs
Wikkii–specific stub articles {{Wikkii-stub}} category:Wikkii stubs