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Comparison table of policies and other interesting attributes of general-reference wikis written in the English language (with over 1,000 articles).


(info for
English Wikipedia)
(from 2014 timeslice
of lost wiki)
(for all languages)
(dead wiki –
as of Oct 2008)
(number of articles)
(originally seeded from
1911 Encyclopedia Britannica)
(mostly imported from
En-Wp and little modified)
(stats unofficial, based on
WikiIndex Wikia category)
traffic / SearchEngine ranking ??? ??? ??? ???
Google PageRank 9/10 0/10 ?/10 0/10
average number edits/day ~300,000 ~50 ??? ~10
'Crats / admins / reg. users 21 / >1,200 / >33,805,000 2 / 8 / 3,111 ?? / ??? / ???? ?? / 7 / 388
who can edit anonymous invitation only anonymous registered only
license of content GFDL / CC-BY-SA 3.0 CC-BY-SA 3.0 CC-BY-SA 3.0 PD - public domain
non-profit or commercial non-profit unknown (personal) for profit commercial unknown (personal)
funding free (donations) ??? prolific advertising GoogleAds
scope general-reference general-reference-plus general-reference-plus general-reference-plus
point of view (POV) NPOV SPOV ??? NPOV
standard verifiable verifiable truth no requirement truth?
notability non-notable excluded inclusive anything goes inclusive
original research (OR) excluded strongly encouraged ??? OK
self-commentary COI discouraged permitted ??? ???
offensive material
(sexual, violence, profanity)
permitted (unresolved) ??? no censorship
boldness be bold be bold, but.. be bold, be creative be bold
rules ignore the rules read the rules ??? read the rules
software used
('wiki engine')
originally UseMod Wiki,
now MediaWiki
was GetWiki,
now MediaWiki
heavily modified
archived by 3rd party many unofficial mirrors yes, WikiTeam no, internally by Wikia no
database download
published online
yes Archive.org some from Wikia article
'Statistics' page
founder Jimmy Wales Fred Bauder Jimmy Wales /
Angela Beesley
Gerard Foley
Statistics as of 29jan07. If they are more than three-to-six months out of date, please try to update them.


Anonymous — OpenEdit – anyone can edit content, without registration, including IP editors
Registered only — LoginToEdit – registration required
Invitation only — ByInvitation – typically extremely limited number of editors, usually known personally by founder
GFDL — GNU Free Documentation Licensehttps://www.GNU.org/licenses/fdl.html
NPOV — neutral point of view
SPOV — sympathetic point of view
COI — conflict of interest


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