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Texas Instruments Wiki – originally
Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki

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(As of: 2018-07-30)

Texas Instruments Wiki was originally known as Texas Instruments Embedded Processors Wiki. Now found at Processors.Wiki.TI.com, the original wiki incarnation, its content available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 (GNU FDL 1.2), was one identical wiki available at four URLs, namely: wiki.DaVinciDSP.com,[1] wiki.OMAP.com,[2] wiki.MSP430.com,[3] and TIeXpressDSP.com.[4] The same wiki content appeared regardless of which URL was used. This was done in order to serve the needs of the Davinci™, OMAP™, MSP430™, and eXpressDSP™ platforms, without fracturing or duplicating content.

"This site has been established to assist developers using the many embedded processors from Texas Instruments (TI) to get started, help each other innovate, and foster the growth of general knowledge about the hardware and software surrounding these devices."

It's a companion to this davinci-linux-open-source mailing list, to help foster cooperative development among the DaVinci developer community.

Initially, TI has seeded this wiki with a few dozen [previously internal] documents on several wide-ranging topics. More are on the way, but we intend this to be a two-way street, providing a mechanism to not only push TI content but also _your_ content. To that end, we encourage you spend some time reading through what's there today, adding to it, correcting it(!), and creating your own topics, tips and tricks to help better the community as a whole.

We know there are other good wikis out there with related goals. Our intent is not to further dilute the wiki-sphere, but rather to enable the community surrounding the DaVinci-based family of processors. This rich family includes heterogeneous devices (e.g. DM644x) and homogeneous devices (e.g. DM643x and DM647/8). [ And more are coming.  ;) ]

While Linux plays a large part in the future of these devices, it's not the only OS in town, and we wanted to ensure the wiki serviced the needs of all users of DaVinci. Regardless of OS, TI will continue to author and monitor content on this wiki to ensure it stays up to date and correct.

In closing, I'd like to offer thanks for all the support you've provided each other (and TI!) on this mailing list. We're all learning here; thanks for your patience as we go through some growing pains and find out how to better interact with our customers. I look forward to your continued discussions on this list, and future contributions to the wiki and other future community-based environments.[5]

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