The Brighton Toy and Model Index

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The Brighton Toy and Model Index
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Founded by: Eric Baird, aka BTMM Eric
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Brighton Toy and Model Museum (BTMM), ISSN 2399-1798, is a world-class repository and display environment for early toys and models, situated under Brighton Railway Station, on England's South Coast. The museum is a Registered Charity (1001560), and depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests. It is located at 52-55 Trafalgar Street, Brighton BN1 4EB, United Kingdom.


The Brighton Toy and Model Index is an ever-expanding public 'knowledgebase' wiki; an encyclopedia that provides information on the Museum's collections and their background and significance, and also background information on toys and models, toy-making, model-making, makers, companies, and original pieces that are modelled.

In 2014, the standard wikiFactor calculation gives the site a rating of 3. However, many of the site's key pages are also category pages, and those do not currently show up on the 'Popular pages' list. According to the site's 'Statistics' page in 2014, a more accurate wikiFactor would be 6. Unfortunately, the latest version of the MediaWiki software no longer provides page view statistics by default.


The museum's wiki reflects the themes of the Museum's collection, and its' emphasis on the United Kingdom and Europe, for the period 1900-1955. The site also currently holds over two thousand images.

Notable manufacturers and brands include Bassett-Lowke, Bing, Georges Carette, Hornby, Märklin, Meccano Ltd., Pelham Puppets, and Steiff.

Editing the wiki is by museum personnel and volunteers.


The museum's wiki site was started as an experimental project in 2011, and got a boost in 2013 from the museum's Heritage Lottery Fund -supported project to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Frank Hornby, which resulted in over five hundred pages of material being added that were relevant to Hornby's company, Meccano Ltd., along with over a thousand images.

The 'Hornby' project has helped to create a 'critical mass' of material on the wiki that makes it easier to expand the wiki's coverage of other subjects. The wiki's main project focus for the first half of 2014 is the expansion of its material on Bassett-Lowke Ltd. and closely-affiliated toy-making companies.

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