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The Conspiracy Wiki
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Founded by: Jhubert
Status: Active
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Main topic: Conspiracy
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wikiFactor as of: 2011-01-22)

From UFOs to the Illuminati, from secret societies to the Kennedy Assassination, conspiracy theories have captured the human imagination for a long time. The Conspiracy Wiki (former fnord Wikia) attempts to collect all those things that have been hidden from public knowledge... or rather, things which some people think have been hidden from public knowledge, from secret societies to ridiculous scams. No attempt is made to separate fact from fiction, since in the field of conspiracy theory, it is more important to be entertaining than to be right.

The wiki is hosted by Wikia. In March 2009, an interlanguage partnership was formed between The Conspiracy Wiki and the independently hosted German-language Die freie Verschwörungsenzyklopädie. A further interlanguage Wikia link was added in Portuguese atágina_principal, though as of September 2018, its actual wiki has yet to be created.