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The Vault™ (previously known as The Vault - Fallout wiki) is a resource for all installments of the Fallout series of video games. It contains information on all aspects of the games, from items and perks, to full walkthroughs for quests and missions.

It was recently moved away from Wikia to, hosted by Curse, Inc., as a result of strong disagreements with Wikia's tact regarding changes that affected Wikia wikis globally. This, on-top of the wiki's founder getting a better paid job at Curse after leaving the Wikia staff, Ausir and many of his fellow Administrators were motivated to move to Curse. Wikia maintains much of the original content at the old location as per their long-standing policy of allowing the remaining communities to continue their efforts without being forced to move. Because The Vault and its logo technically belonged to Ausir since the days of being hosted by Duck and Cover, their rights were ultimately respected and Wikia's version of the Fallout wiki was soon renamed Nukapedia.

Wiki size: 24,755 article pages see stats

(As of: 2018-05-29)

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