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Main topic: Automotive
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(As of: 27 October 2012)

Torque OBD2 Wiki, also called Torque Wiki, is an automotive wiki which specifically deals with the OBD2 (also known as E-OBD) protocol of automotive engine management systems found on most automobiles since the early 1990s. The wiki only addresses tools used to scan the OBD2 control unit 'memory' by using various proprietary adaptors (some Bluetooth, others USB) linked to an Android smartphone. Like virtually all OBD scan tools, the methods described on Torque OBD2 Wiki enable the user to view and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), and some adaptors also allow live data scanning, such as engine revs, coolant temperature, turbo boost pressure, rate of vehicle acceleration, electronic throttle position, etc.

The wiki runs on the popular MediaWiki software, and its content is provided by a solitary user/sysop. The wiki is linked to the website, which also includes an internet forum. It should be noted that whilst the procedures detailed on the Torque OBD2 Wiki may allow full access to the OBD2/E-OBD protocols, many of these scan tools do NOT allow access to the full 'manufacturer-specific' diagnostic data, which is invariably far more detailed and in-depth when compared to the generic OBD2/E-OBD protocols.

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