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Travel Guide For Asia Track2Asia
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Travel Guide for Asia[edit]

Track2Asia is a Wiki travel guide for Asia where the travelers can share their experiences, upload photos, and provide other travelers with insight information about destinations in Asia.

The goal of this travel guide is to give the reader a freer, more open, and less polished travel information source than the traditional travel guides. The site will try to capture the true atmosphere of Asia.

It should be fun to contribute to this site. Every traveler can create their own pages on Track2Asia. Here you can upload some of your funniest photos from your trip; or maybe write about your exciting adventures? This way, people at home can instantly read about your trip, and share your joy, and even update your page with greetings or comments.

Apart from the travelers own pages, the reader will find a lot of useful information about the different destinations in Asia. The traveler can find information about the countries, cities, places to see, hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. These pages will be maintained by the travelers themselves.