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Trail Guide Wiki was an open-edit wiki site to create usable hiking guidebooks for all long distance trails in North America, such as the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail.

TrailGuideWiki is our response to the problem of creating a free up to date trail guide, for any number of trails. We have spent many months hiking along seldom used trails, often with trail guides that are more than five years old. Think about how much can change in five years, especially with critical support like resupply points, trail closures, and even just trail re-routing.

During those months of hiking on long distance trails, we kept wishing that we had some way to fix the guidebook, to help out future hikers. Most trail guide books have a section about "call us with any mistakes", but even that phone number might be out of date. Everyone always wants some way to contribute back to the hiking community, and now they can help provide accurate information for the next hikers.

TrailGuideWiki is that answer. Imagine using a trail guide that was published last week, and had hundreds of hikers out checking the information for you. None of the previous guides allowed this capability. TrailGuideWiki does. A community driven guide, that anyone can contribute to, as immediately as they want. It might be a bit confusing at first, but most of the heavy lifting is done by a few dedicated individuals (adding major new trails, overhauls, etc), but most new information is relatively minor. Did a store close? Was a new trail shelter added? These are easy to fix, once you get the hang of it. By updating the guide, you are helping out all the hikers that are passing along behind you, not just this season, but every season afterwards.

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