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Founded by: Beau Turner
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Software
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Triple D Design Wiki is a former private 3d Design wiki for users of ADT and Revit. The wiki is now

Welcome to the Triple D Design Wiki.

If you missed the play on words; Triple D Design = 3D Design. This is a collective formation of practices, examples and usage for users of 3D Design software. These pages serve as a living document and we encourage your participation in making this better, one edit at the time. This wiki is focused on Architectural Desktop and Revit Building, as the community interest grows this system can expand to include other 3D Design software (ex. Building Systems, Revit Structural, etc...).

Why the wiki? With most software on a rapid release schedule; current publishing time and methods make the shelf life of books shorter and all too soon outdated. This wiki provides a unique opportunity to break this outdated cycle and create a living document which serves as a 'renewable' community resource. When a change needs to occur (new release, features set changes/additions, better explanation, etc...) anyone can add to/update the text within this document (or change it back).

From it's early beginning this wiki began as the brainchild of Beau Turner and came about through his, and many others, continuing efforts to help users learn, understand and implement their chosen software for production through all phases of architectural, engineering and visualization work. The Autodesk community (Autodesk Discussion Groups, AUGI, Friends, Co-Workers, Local Users Groups, etc...) have played an important role in getting most of us where we are today, this is a chance to give back to help others learn and grow.

We are looking forward to the growth of this wiki, if you are interested in getting started you will first need to create a login name and password. To test the editing feature, please use the wiki sandbox. To see more of the advanced things you are able to do please review the User's Guide. To navigate to a particular section of the site please use the links within the navigation bar.