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(As of: 2022-06-05)

twofo represents the state of online discussion and filesharing for students at the University of Warwick in England. At present, it consists of a Direct Connect ('DC++') hub which is situated off campus, allowing us to share files and discuss stuff (and penguins).

Due to Warwick ITS's current stance on filesharing, there will be no hub situated on campus. New users are advised to download the pre-configured version of DC++ and stunnel from, and follow the instructions found when running it to connect. Otherwise to connect to twofo, please see the How to Connect page.

The twofo wiki is intended to give information about the hub and how to use it. Please see the Twofo Homepage for up to date information about the hub or join us the Twofo Forums for discussion about a wide variety of topics.

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