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(As of: 04 September 2012)

Hello, and Welcome to the UK Airsoft Wiki![edit]

The UK Airsoft Wiki is a community driven site about Airsoft in the UK. The aim of this wiki is to have all the infomation about Airsoft in the UK in one place. Its made by players for players, and needs your help. What this means is you could become an important author on the UK Airsoft Wiki. Do you know your Multicam from your MTP? What about your Glock from your C... you get the idea. If you want to find something either use the links on the left or the search in the top right of the site.

The page your looking for not there or incomplete? Why not help out? Simply sign up and you too can help to the ever growing knowledge base that is the UK Airsoft Wiki.

If you ever need help be sure to check out the help pages.


The UK Airsoft Wiki was created by Paul Firmin in the tail end of 2010 as a way to have all airsoft information in one place. He found it hard to find reliable information about airsoft, and was fed up with having to go to lots of different websites and forums to try and find out information that normally would be either biased or aimed at people in the US or Japan. He felt a central database of knowledge was needed for airsofters in the UK so that people could find what they needed in one easy to use place.

Wiki etiquette[edit]

All Airsofters are expected to conform to a certain level of civility in writing articles and talk posts. While Airsoft is played by people of all ages (13+), excessive cursing or lasciviousness are strictly prohibited. Declarations of hate that are said unjokingly, like "I hate you", are also prohibited.

If you're still unsure of how stuff works, you may want to check out the MediaWiki User's Guide. There you will learn how to make bold, italics, and other wiki stuff. Out of courtesy, you really shouldn't edit pages unless you are adding something meaningful (fixing grammar and spelling mistakes is okay). You also shouldn't delete pages unless you have an extremely good reason. If you want to play around and get a feel for editing pages, please do so in the Sandbox. If you want to get a good grasp of how the pages here are put together, be sure to read about our Manual of Style for pages.

Wikipedia has a great WikiCivics section. They cover a lot of information about what is accepted and what is not accepted on a wiki. There are really no rules, but there is a definite level of etiquette involved. Some of the suggestions they offer are only relevant to the Wikipedia, but many of them apply to any wiki. Anyone interested in being a valuable contributor to any wiki should read them.

A warning[edit]

Above all, never use defamatory language or deface documents our community has worked hard to create. Note that the wiki gives everyone the ability to revert documents back to their original state. Therefore, no one can permanently harm the wiki by deleting pages. All an offender will accomplish is to slightly annoy our wiki community. After repeated defacings our administrators will permanently block the offender's IP address. If defamatory language is seen it will be changed or deleted.


Most times, information is taken from a source other than pure memory. Please try to cite all sources in order for credit to be given where due. This way, all information on the UK Airsoft Wiki can be verified that is accurate.

What the UK Airsoft Wiki is not[edit]

Before you create an article, please remember what the UK Airsoft Wiki is not.