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(As of: 2022-12-12)

The UK TV Schedules Archive is a wiki site hosted on It states "The ONLY place on the web to find searchable TV broadcast information by date or by programme, for the history of UK television".

What we are

What we want to archive here is programme schedule information for UK television programmes from the first scheduled programmes in 1936 onward. We are only concerned with terrestrial channels, namely;

  • BBC1
  • BBC2
  • ITV1 (including regional variations)
  • Channel 4
  • Five
What we are NOT
  • We are not concerned with Satellite and Cable channels
  • We are not here to provide information on recent or future programming
  • We are not here to provide in depth analysis or summaries of individual programmes, series, or personalities
  • We are not here to archive pictures or clips from individual shows
  • We are not here to provide background information about any particular channel
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