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UnCommons aka
Uncyclomedia Commons

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Founded by: unknown
Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Main topic: Media
Backups: unknown or dynamic date
For the subsequent but abandoned site with a similar name located at Commons.Uncyclomedia.co, see: Uncyclomedia Commons.
Wiki size: 271,760 article pages see stats

(Files count as of: 2023-06-07)

UnCommons, officially known as Uncyclomedia Commons, was the inspiration for the Wikimedia Commons wiki site, yet the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) claim the reverse, vice versa, ad infinitum, etcetera . . . Petty arguments aside, this UnCommons wiki site is laid out to mock or mimic the format of Wikimedia Commons, only because the latter copied the former. This wiki serves solely as a shared image and other media files repository for the various Uncyclopedia language translations hosted by the Uncyclomedia Foundation.

What the hell is the Uncyclomedia Commons?

Uncyclomedia Commons is a media dump that is created and maintained not by paid-for manwhores artists, but by free bitches volunteers. Its name 'Uncyclomedia Commons' is derived from that of the garbage project the 'Uncyclomedia Foundation' managing all Uncyclomedia Foundation projects, and from the plural noun 'uncommons' as its contents are shared by different language versions and different kinds of Uncyclomedia Foundation projects. Thus it provides a central dump for fair used freely licensed photographs of circumcised penises, diagrams of kama-sutra, Tom and Jerry animations, donwnloaded mp3s, pr0n, spoken text, Paris Hilton tape video clips, and media of all sorts that are useful for any Uncyclomedia Foundation project.

Uncyclomedia Commons uses the same uncyclo-technology as Uncyclopedia, and thus everyone can edit it easily and without advanced technical skills or opposable thumbs directly in the web browser. Unlike media files uploaded on other projects, files uploaded to Uncyclomedia Commons can be embedded on pages of all Uncyclomedia Foundation projects without the need to separately upload them there.

Launched on February 30, 2000, Uncyclomedia Commons currently contains over 270,000 files and 30 porn collections. More background information about the Uncyclomedia Commons project itself can be found in the General disclaimer, at the Uncyclopedia page about Uncyclomedia Commons.

Unlike traditional media repositories, Uncyclomedia Commons is not free. Everyone is allowed to copy, use, sexually abuse, and modify any files here freely, as long the source and the authors are credited, and as long as users release their copies/improvements under the same freedom to others. The Uncyclomedia Commons database itself, and the texts in it are licensed under the GNU Paid Documentation Tax. The license conditions of each individual media file can be found (or should be) on their description pages.

 — UnCommons, https://Commons.Uncyclomedia.org/wiki/UnCommons:Welcome

Domain URLs

UnCommons is found at a sub-domain of the Uncyclomedia Foundation URL, Uncyclomedia.org, namely Commons.Uncyclomedia.org. However, two additional domain URLs; http://JPE.gs and http://Voyez.ca are both live redirects to Commons.Uncyclomedia.org.

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Uncyclopedia – potatoes anyone?

Uncyclopedia – or Uncyclopaedia, or if you are really posh, Uncyclopædiathe content-free encyclopedia — is a serious font of encyclopaedic knowledge crazy, bonkers, humourous parody of Wikipedia, 'that anyone can edit'; though Uncyclopedia claims the reverse (noun) (and correctly claims that Wikipedia claims the reverse, and vice versa, ad infinitum, digitus rectus insertum, et cetera, et cetera . . . ).

Founded as an English language wiki site on 5 January 2005 by Jonathan Huang (also known as Chronarion) and 'Stillwaters', and initially independently hosted, Uncyclopedia has expanded to over 80 different language versions. After the the original wiki sites outgrew their independent hosting, on 26 May 2005, Angela Beesley, Vice President of Wikia, Inc., announced that Wikia would host Uncyclopedia, and that the site's license and domain name would remain unchanged; on 10 July 2006, Huang transferred the Uncyclopedia.org domain rights to Wikia, Inc. Many other language versions also moved to Wikia, however, this subsequently proved to be a mistake, as Wikia totally failed to respect (verb) the terms of the specific Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license (by generating revenue from the adverts that were displayed on the Wikia-hosted Uncyclopaedia wiki sites). As more language versions were subsequently added to the Uncyclopedia fold, many wisely chose to avoid Wikia, and used an independent host. Relations between Uncyclopedia wiki sites and Wikia continued to worsen over time (as did many other wiki sites hosted on Wikia), and the end result was that all Uncyclopedia wikis were forced off Wikia in late 2019, which Wikia conveniently 'claimed' was due to censorship!

Today, no Uncyclopedia wiki sites survive on Wikia; many of the different language versions are now 'officially' hosted by (or directly affiliated with) the Uncyclomedia Foundation (at *.Uncyclomedia.org, and its unofficial but closely related *.Uncyclopedia.co). Other Uncyclopedia sites have chosen an alternative wiki farm as their host (including Miraheze), and a small number have chosen a totally independent host.

Uncyclopedia / Uncyclomedia domains (primary)
  • *.pedia.ws (various sub-domains, typically formed from first part of wiki site)
  • Uncyc.org
  • Uncyclomedia.co
  • Uncyclomedia.org
  • Uncyclopedia.ca (auto-redirects to Uncyclopedia.com)
  • Uncyclopedia.co
  • Uncyclopedia.com
  • Uncyclopedia.info
  • Uncyclopedia.tw

All Uncyclopedia wiki sites in these languages (view / edit / talk) — Uncyclopaedia project WikiNodes: UnMeta / English / Spanish / German / Galician

100,000+: UnCommons (Commons.Uncyclomedia.org, f.2000) • Uncyclomedia Commons (Commons.Uncyclomedia.co, f.2012)
10,000+: Stupidedia (bar) • Uncyclopedia (English) (en) • Uncyclopedia (British English) (en-gb) • Inciclopedia (es) • Désencyclopédie (fr) • Tolololpedia (id) • Nonciclopedia (it) • Ansaikuropedia (ja) • Kamelopedia (nds) • Nonsensopedia (pl) • Desciclopédia (pt)
1,000+: Beidipedia / بيضيپيديا (ar) • Necyklopedie (cs) • Spademanns Leksikon (da) • Uncyclopedia.de (de) • Frikipaideia / Φρικηπαίδεια (el) • Neciklopedio (eo) (eo) • Hikipedia (fi) • Desgalipedia (gl) • Eincyclopedia (he) • Unciklopédia (hu) • 백괴사전 (ko) • Oncyclopedia (nl) • Ikkepedia (no) • Absurdopedia.net / Абсурдопедия (ru) • Absurdopedia.wiki / Абсурдопедия (ru) • Necyklopédia (sk) • Psyklopedin (sv) • ไร้สาระนุกรม (th) • Yansiklopedi (tr) • Інциклопедія (uk) • Pseudo-encyclopaedia (zh) • 偽基百科 (zh-tw)
100+: UnMeta-Wiki (meta) • Оксипедия (bg) • Valenciclopèdia (ca) • Ebatsüklopeedia (et) • اونسایکلوپدیا (fa) • Neciklopedija (hr) (hr) • Anciklopedia (ka) • Uncapædia (la) • Juokopedija (lt) • Neciklopēdija (lv) • Нециклопедий (mk) • Анциклопедиа (mn) • Bodohpedia (ms) • Çciclopédia (mwl) • Ikkjepedia (nn) • Neciclopedie (ro) • Simple English Uncyclopedia (simple) • Нециклопедија (sr) • Pekepedia (tl)
10+: Nunyepedia (ast) • Paudurapedyja (be) • আনসাইক্লোপিডিয়া (bn) • Neciklopedija (bs) (bs) • Celwyddoniadur (cy) • Frithchiclipéid (ga) • Unsaiklopedia (got) • Angragitaran (hy) • Neciklopedio (io) (io) • Ndhablek (jv) • Kengencyclopedia (lb) • Kwatsjpedia (li) • Hatsiklopedia (mg) • Uichipedia (mo) • Oisquipedia (oc) • Butalopedija (sl) • ghItlh'a'pedia (tlh) • Keinziklopedie / קיינציקלאפעדיע (yi) • 粵語偽基百科 (Pseudokipedia) (yue) • Zombiepedia (zombie)
0+: Uncyclomedia Foundation (uncyclomedia.co) • UnData (data) • Niesiklopedia (af) • Dalmata Nečiklopedija (dlm) • Kakapedia (grc) • Uncyclopedia (km) (km) • Uncyclopedia (lo) (lo) • Scotypedia (sco) • Goblogpedia (su)

Sista projects:

German / Deutsch (de): UnNews, UnBooks, Undictionary
English (en): BJAODN, Complaint Wiki, Encyclopaedia Daemonica, UnNews[1], UnBooks[2], UnDictionary[3], UnSource[4], UnSpecies[5], Unquotable[6], Uncycloversity[7], Zombiepedia
Spanish / español (es): Incinoticias, Incitables, Incilibros
Finnish / suomi (fi): Hikinews, Hiktionary, Hikikirjasto, Hikisitaatit
French / français (fr): dÉsinformation
Galician / galego (gl): Desgalinews, Desgalizionario, Desgalilibros, Desgalicitas, Desgaliespecies
Hebrew / עברית (he): איןציקלופדיה, שא, איןציקלופדיה:איןלדעת
Hungarian / Magyar (hu): UncikloNews
Italian / italiano (it): Nondizionario, NonNews, NonCitazioni, Manuali di istruzioni, Horroscopo
Japanese / 日本語 (ja): UnNews
Korean / 한국어 (ko): 백괴게임, 백괴뉴스, 백괴낱말사전
Latin / Latina (la): Nenuntii
Dutch / Nederlands (nl): Onwoordenboek, OnNieuws, OnBoeken
Norwegian / norsk bokmål (no): Ikkenytt
Polish / polski (pl): NonNews, Noncytaty, Nonźródła
Portuguese / português (pt & pt-br): Crapedia, Desnotícias[8], Descionário[9], Deslivros[10], Desentrevistas[11], Wikimerda, Wikinet
Swedish / svenska (sv): PsykNyheter, Psyktionary, PsykCitat, PsykBöcker
Thai / ไทย (th): ไร้ข่าว
Chinese / 中文 (zh): 伪基新闻, 伪基辞典
Taiwanese / ‪中文(台灣) (zh-tw): 偽基新聞, 偽基辭典, 偽基遊戲

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