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I'm still fairly new to wikis. The primary wiki I work on is Zelda I went through the ranks as an editor, patroller/rollbacker, and am now an admin/syop. I don't see these as positions of power, and I loathe that some people do. I never justify a decision I make with "I'm the admin, and you are that's that." I see it done quite a bit. (more on wiki philosophies later) (see: Wikipedia philosophies for more information)

My more in-depth wiki profile can be found here.

Out of a shell[edit]

At some point during my tenure at ZW, I discovered several other wikis, including the Wikia network. My work on those has been very minor but for the most part staffers of some of them came to ZW with questions related to wikis in general. I decided that helping them also helps us and have done my level best to do so. Now I'm interested in getting contacts going among as many other wikis as possible. I think I can learn a lot by doing so.

I've no shame in mentioning that I genuinely dislike the Wikia network. It's like a McDonalds-ification of the internet. I've only recently created a Wikia account and that was done to assist the staff of Conker Wiki with the show/hide template. I just don't see myself working for a network that swallows up Independent Wikis (Indie Wikis) for the sake of a little more ad revenue.